He who has the money sets the rules

It has become a very popular phenomenon and every day millions and millions of people take a fleeting glance at their horoscopes just to find out what fate has in store for them. Today, it has become a trend for people to ask what their future is.

Ask no, who turns me on? ask, rather, who do I turn on?

Not each and every one of the men is good ... Now close your eyes and consider that you are evil, you have obvious reasons and that you will do the worst with me, the worst of the worst ... On the other hand, for certain women love is an accounting of orgasms .

North American Black Scort

If we all want to be worthy of admiration, praise for our culture and our time ... with this we can transform ourselves into heroes for our family, our immediate nucleus, our community, be worthy that other people admire us and wish to imitate our successes.

The soul becomes being, pristine pure intelligence

Ignorance is convenient for the control of the world in the hands of approximately depraved leaders, where they are not the properties but rather the living flesh of the woman, the investment capital that moves the world and the man is simply manhood subject to the function efficient phallus.

Tacit pact: let's do something that surpasses us, something that gives meaning to this union

Undress your partner: After a long day, grab your partner and slowly divert her, taking care to feel the sensations of the clothes as you remove them. You can also bathe or bathe if you really want to create a sensual experience.

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