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Beyond the restrictions, the penances in BDSM can be of 3 types: positional, writing and varied. In that article we will focus our attention on writing penances. Let's see the main writing penances that we can find in the BDSM universe.

Morbid and playful, I have many ideas to make you enjoy like you have never done before

The hormone oxytocin, whose function in a famous traditional way is to contract the mammary ducts in order to produce the ejection of milk. So, for the woman to be able to produce breast milk, she must be under the influence of the hormones prolactin and

It leaves him a great plurality of arcs of movement

Always and at all times should be consulted if there is an allergy to any cosmetology and shellfish, since it is common to use algae. If the latter exists, you can use caffeine creams, Asian centel or carnitine.

Each encounter with her is going to be a unique experience

Apply the next recipe 3 times a day, once every eight hours and do a self-analysis of your conjugal relationship and your home, once a week. This is the recipe. Don't ignore it, don't throw it away, don't throw it away. Apply it with confidence and with all your effort and your heart.

Victoria, 43 years: does the spiral bring frigidity?

We must also understand that anal sex is much more complex than other sexual practices. Direct or indirect contact with fecal matter inhibits many, either because of its appearance or its sui generis fragrance.

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