Ask no, who turns me on? ask, rather, who do I turn on?

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The idea of a sexuarium with specula, red light, and black decor lights up certain people: There are a few palaces from the 1930s in Beverly Hills that have one. New lovers are more likely to opt for the exotic or else to baptize every room in the house: try sex from the front on the kitchen counter; straddle the washing machine that is on the vibratory spin cycle; Place it lying on top of the stairs. The preference of most couples, when passion sets in, is for the bedroom, and the result need not be despondent.

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Smile. It is not necessary that you laugh from ear to ear all the time, because that will not look real at all, on the contrary, it will be very forced. Just smile naturally, in the moments in which it occurs, the idea is that you do not look like a bucket of yarn, but not a jester either. Singularly, if you smile at the people around you when you are not always with your girl but interacting with other people, you will see that you are an affable, friendly and authentic boy.

The sampatahasta strike is based on a technique that in the Kama Sutra is called the cobra bell. To do this, the hand must be subtly cupped to, once cupped, provide the taps. If the recipient likes them, nothing better than concentrating these blows on the recipient's buttocks until they sting and tingle, thus making them especially sensitive.

By taking risks out of fear, we are denying the best of ourselves: the imagination. The ingrained instability towards what man tends make him similar to the mineral. But the authentic tension, its most intimate essence, the form of movement, the capacity for adventure.

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The two sides of this conception of love: achieving the appropriate object to love and being worthy of being loved, reduce love to a simple relationship of reciprocity. This kind of love is a very imperfect love because it is intrinsically conditional; it is based on receiving, and its slogan is: I love you yes ..., but love is more to give than to receive.

As an emergency formula, it will be enough to know that good breathing has to be slow, deep and diaphragmatic. A good exercise to begin to develop this skill is to count to ten while you breathe in, to fifteen while you hold the air and to thirty while you expel it440.

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But if exactly the same stimulus, with the same frequency of intelligent energy, is sent over and over again, creating a rhythm, the neural chains develop a very close and intimate relationship that is strengthened and sustained over time. The dendrites and the axon, which are like arms that neurons have, stretch out trying to connect more and more neighboring neurons, so that the neuronal chain becomes stronger.

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Do not hesitate, if you want to meet me and have a good time with me, you just have to call me, I'm waiting for you. Genuflection, then, can be used to teach respect, reverence and also humiliation, penance, request for forgiveness or remorse. Any of these purposes can be very appropriate in the development of a BDSM practice, hence it is necessary to know when to introduce prostration in the BDSM scene and how to do it.

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Now, let's go back to the beginning, can you make women not notice when you touch their pussies? The answer is yes, on occasions, and under very specific circumstances depending on the genre of touch. Unfortunately you will be disappointed when I explain how. And I'm sorry for the inconvenience or illusions that this section caused you, but I will not tell you point by point how to do it, it is also not precise.