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Sunday, 25 July 2021

I'm a bubbly, entertainment-loving girl with a matching personality. Truly a bit romantic. I like going to the theater. I love meeting new people, dancing and, in general, enjoying life. I guess my quality would be my caring nature.

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Another essential factor is the taboo on penis size, since society considers a man to be exaggeratedly virile in relation to the size of his penis, referring to the greater length and diameter; However, there is a reality in this matter, some results that I got from small interviews carried out with several of my patients, where most of them affirmed that length was not synonymous with sexual pleasure, but rather, on the contrary, larger penises length hurt their vaginas, which reversed the pleasure in pain, in the same study they claimed to have greater sexual pleasure with the thickness of their partner's penis.

In the world of bodies, we are all separate. In the spirit world, we are all one. A Course in Miracles teaches us that our body is nothing more than a blank screen onto which we project our thoughts. Illness is the materialization of a thought without love. This does not mean that all the people who are sick have thought without love and the other people number. Many great self-righteous have contracted unhealthy diseases. The heartbreak that produces disease forms a system and is interwoven with a special consciousness. Exactly in which anima the disease manifests will depend on many factors. Let's say that an innocent little boy dies of a cancer caused by environmental pollution. Where is the lack of love in such a case? The unloving thought does not come from the little one, but from everyone, who over the years we live without respecting our environment, letting toxic chemicals contaminate it. The child's physical illness is an indirect result of illness in the minds of many other people. Our thoughts of love influence people in general and in situations that we cannot even imagine.

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One of the elements that makes sexual pleasure expire is concentrating it in the genital area. Sexual pleasure is of the whole body. Only they have not taught us to distribute it throughout the body and in the erogenous zones. In this sense, to Alejandro's question about whether it is convenient for the mother or father to talk with the child of the same sex, it is possible to answer that there are issues that can simply be addressed by both and there are others in which it will naturally be more simple for the parent of the same sex to do. To serve as an example, the subject of masturbation, or guidance regarding the period, contraceptive care, etc.

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Hello Love. If you want to live an adventure full of passion and lust with a beautiful and sensual woman who is a friend of naturalness and pleasure, call me. My name is Sara and I can be for you the lover you always dreamed of. In my arms you will discover nuances of erotic pleasure that you did not know and your most intimate fantasies will come true. I am passionate about anal sex and erotic sado experiences. I can be your Mistress or, if you want, your submissive. One way or another, I will satisfy all your needs. Don't think twice and call me. I want to meet you to become an indelible part of your sweetest and most pleasant memories.

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Fortunately, Alberto understood and admitted my principles, and we didn't make love until the night of our honeymoon ... a very conventional couple for the current averages, I admit! But from that moment, and for several months, we made love up to 2-3 times a day ...

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You don't know me, Sebastian began by saying. I am already another person, in what way can you request this from me now that you have hurt me so much? Do you think I'm praying to go back to someone who has hurt me? I am not this way, I cannot be this way, I have decided to continue with my life and I ask you to continue with yours

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Whether they appear online or in the journal, these girls have 2 things in common. They are all single (or at least claim they are), and they are all searching. No more audition, I already have a boyfriend, Uh, sorry, I'm either married or I'm not ready for another relationship. At least not at the beginning. Once the vaginal dilator is inserted into the vagina, the woman will rotate it inside her. The objective is to massage the vagina with movements of the dilator that are, at the same time, rotating and back and forth. This movement has one goal: to find those points where pain is experienced. Once located, the woman will have to apply gentle pressure on these points for a time that should not exceed one minute. By doing this, the vagina will gradually get used to the presence of the dilator inside it. Once the vagina has gotten used to feeling this pressure, a larger dilator will be used.