Preparing your partner for sex

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Vincent and always and in all circumstances we have enjoyed the kind of relationship in which we communicate about everything. We have always and at all times been open with each other and without fear of discussing our dreams and desires. It didn't take us long in our marriage before we both realized that I was the dominant one.

Quantum psychology (see the text QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY by the same author) shows us that the vibrations of words and of our thought are integrated into the world that we perceive as real. Nothing is lost in air or ether, and even the most subtle energy seeks to melt into other similar forms.

That is, comfort, trust, sensitive connection, chivalry and predestination.

Comparison price. If you're ready to spend some time, you can surf the internet and match prices from dozens of retailers. 2 Caveats: Your lowest cost may come from an unfamiliar company, and sex toy retailers don't always use the exact same product name under all circumstances. Look for brand names, or try to place a toy by description if it has a generic name.

On the other hand, women really like it when their partner ejaculates even if he can't manage to cum on his own. I've heard them say that they feel cheated if the man doesn't ejaculate; as if he were holding back something that he did not want to give him. The most frequent is that they use ejaculation finally the sexual act, since every woman knows exactly what she must do to make her partner ejaculate. This attitude reflects the woman's desire to supervise her partner, to encourage him to lose his reproductive semen and with it his authority. It is a conditioning that moves women to try to lead the way and that shows that they have no idea of their divine feminine power. The truth is that when the man feels less identified with ejaculation, when it is less essential for him, then the woman will have the long-awaited opportunity to make love in its polarity and with feminine receptivity. Being the woman by nature relaxed and affable, she soon discovers a new sexual world much more rewarding than that other whose main objective was the achievement of climax. If she is genuine, she becomes orgasmic and passionate, that is, the source of love. This could change your life and also the life of your partner.

Another effect of massive porn consumption, perhaps the most devastating and ironic, is sexual de-education. It's devastating as it tends to boycott our future actual sex if we don't pay a lot of attention. And it is also ironic, since most users think lightly, or want to believe, that by watching porn they learn sex.

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Something very important that you have to know is that women need to be listened to by their partner!

Hello, my name is Paola and I am a young woman full of elegance and glamor. A beautiful, sweet and sensual lumi to spend indelible moments. I am very condescending and I love to surround myself with pleasant company. Integration as a social and institutional mechanism of domination then becomes the process by which Özil, any other migrant child of migrants, must abandon everything that Europe does not recognize as their own. To integrate you have to be a subject without creed, if he does not follow Christianity, you have to recognize yourself and fight for the uprooting of the culture to which you belong, hide what is despised as inferior, as backward. Then the integrated subject becomes a person who accepts his place of subordination on the planet and admits as superior the values of a Europe that defines itself as such, while this Europe practices a genocide in the Mediterranean on people from the former European colonies.

Are you uncomfortable giving something to yourself?

Interpreting sex as something polluting has not always been and in all circumstances consubstantial with Christianity. There have been numerous heresies that, even in this religion of brotherly love, have tried to reconcile the use of sexuality with the evangelical doctrine. But we already know how orthodoxy spends it with heterodoxy, and if it is in the name of the Father, more so.

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With respect to the other pill, the morning after pill, which has a contraceptive effect taking it up to 72 hours after intercourse, it prevents the egg from descending into the uterus and, if it has already descended and has been fertilized, it prevents it from implanting in the uterine walls. and that a fetus is formed.

Tantric texts confirm it in this way: Whoever immature in Kaula knowledge (a branch of Tantricism), wishes to drink wine, oh Devi !, is a great sinner and also incompetent to fulfill each and every one of the religious works. Raurava goes to hell who drinks unpurified wine, commits rape and kills animals for self-indulgence. Oh Devi !, it is called drinking wine that is not for divine purposes; (whoever takes it) is a huge sinner according to the Vedas. Starting from the premise that in nature (the Brahmanda) there is nothing absolutely harmful due to the fact that everything is penetrated by Brahman, the Tantrikas think that the wine subjected to the proper manipulation following the tantric precepts and the instructions of the Gurus Not only does it become harmless in a ritual context, it is transformed into a remarkable force of energy, work, patience, and also fearlessness essential to the sadhaka.