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Thursday, 22 July 2021

For the agreement to make sense and to be a well-founded agreement, the sub or submissive party in the relationship must know, in advance, what practice is going to be carried out and, also, how this practice is going to be carried out. And it is that, once the introduction of spanking in a sexual practice is admitted, it is not the same to receive the spanking with the hand than with a BDSM paddle. Giving control to a person to act as Master / Dominator does not imply, in any way, that he is given absolute control of the action. Pleasure must be given and received. In other words, the submissive part enjoys receiving punishment to exactly the same extent that the Dominant part does by inflicting it. If only one of the parties experiences that pleasure, what is being done is not BDSM. In a certain way, then, the deepest and most real power of the BDSM relationship lies in the submissive, since he is the one who marks the lines and determines what can happen and what number And it is that, for us to chat about BDSM, nothing , absolutely nothing that happens throughout the practice that is intended to be BDSM can happen without the permission of the submissive party.

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Ciao Ragazzi ... my name is Gina and I am an Italian with an innocent countenance and with a delicious treatment that you will love just listening to my voice. A charming personality meets a sin-encouraging body, covered in luscious curves. Sweet and passionate, I fully enjoy the satisfactions that a good company offers ... we are going to spend some unforgettable moments, full of intensity and I can assure you that they are very exhausting.

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In your life, in all other aspects, it is ideal that you try to be highly logical and rational. Decisions in your life must be made with reasoning and with logical steps that bring you closer to your short, medium and long term goals. The schematic routines will help you to do this, for example in the gym, in the healthy diet that you must cultivate or in your work. In this way, you will avoid that everything is a chaos that is difficult to organize and that the daily organization costs an extra effort, if you need information you can examine the web address: ontspan in Madrid . In seduction, practice will cause you to end up with schematic behavior patterns and automatically understand what the next step is. But remember: one thing is your organization to act and another, the language you use with them, the one that I remember you must be made up of a high sentimental content.

Of course, practicing safe sex is the best way to deal with any potential problems. For example, if you want to touch your partner's anus, wearing a latex glove makes cleaning easier afterward without rubbing your nails. Pornography actors generally take an enema before any action (although the stool should be out of reach in the colon). We need to be more informed about safe sex and stop worrying about staining our sheets!

For this, tantric sex proposes a slow but continuous arousal. It is a game in which we try to stay on the frontier of orgasm without exceeding it. For this the impetuous penetration will be out of place and it will be better for the woman to control the intensity.

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As you have seen, Chinese medicine supports this view with the idea that your level of vitality ultimately determines your libido. (Again, take this article as a whole try not to allow the pages of Article 5 to morph into a canid's ear while allowing other episodes to be underexplored.) And whenever you use stimulants, remember that they are most effective when taken in the context of love, rather than simply enhancing sexuality on its own. As we said at the beginning of this article, love is the most powerful stimulant.

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Well, some believed that the stork brought them, but the truth is that it is not the stork, but rather your mother. it has, here in the lower part of the body, a place where the creature forms and comes out through a place called the vaginal canal.

When women reach orgasm (vaginal climax), their whole body relaxes, so after this, she will want to lie down for a while and enjoy the result. This is said to be an instinct to ensure that as much sperm as possible reaches the uterus.

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The first tip to consider when you want to have sex in the shower is to put a non-slip mat in the shower tray or, failing that, in the bathtub. Not putting that non-slip mat (whatever design it has, be it more or less cool) implies risking a fall which, as we have indicated above, can be fatal.

The first contact is made without exerting pressure, simply supporting the weight of your hands to precisely follow the way of that of your partner's body. Do not forget to leave your wrists, elbows and shoulders well relaxed.

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Those who ignore, or only secretly experience, the feelings of anguish, nausea, and horror common to the young women of the last century, are not susceptible to this experience; but the same happens with those who are limited by those same feelings. These feelings are not sick at all; but they are, in the life of a man, the same as the chrysalis for the whole animal. The inner experience of man occurs at the moment when, breaking the chrysalis, he becomes aware of tearing himself apart, and not the resistance that would be opposed to him from outside. The overcoming of objective consciousness, limited by the walls of the chrysalis, is linked to this transformation.