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Monday, 19 October 2020

Thanks to this type of gluteal massage we will stimulate the area near the coccyx and, for this reason, the anus, a particularly sensitive and excitable area. A massage of this kind is ideal, for example, to prepare the anus for an anal sex session. Nothing better than pleasure to dilate the anus and a well-done massage of the buttocks can be very pleasant. Once this area is relaxed, the practice of annilungus or black kissing and the use of lubricants can be the prelude to a magnificent session of anal sex.

Without a doubt, severe latex allergy is a serious problem for any latex fetishist.

We have both passed different tests in motivational courses that have shown us that we are capable of much more than we thought: breaking boards with a blow of our hand, splitting arrows with the most sensitive of the neck, crossing burning embers barefoot, etc. Celery is a true source of energy and can be eaten in many ways. Raw, add to a salad or juice with cucumber, spinach and lemon for a sensual smoothie. Try to drink a liter a day to really improve things in bed.

Any touch on them is, at least, pleasant

Many women enjoy the impotence and the temporary overdo of being controlled, but bondage is a better way around for him to use it: he has the incredible feeling of becoming a huge penis, aside from abstinence from all the anxiety about Performance. the opportunity to be in full control of the pace and character of arousal, possibly for the first time. One of the popularity of this kind of sex game lies in exorcising the fear of control of the other by the other by transforming it into a source of greater physical sensation. Each of them enjoys the feigned fierceness of the other. True fierceness, male or female, does not fit the enactment; Dedicated players can go to the extremes of hoods, body bags, mummification, but they never act cruel or one-sided (see dangers). One way to ensure that everything stays in a game is a strict insistence on equal turns.

Strengthen the sexual muscle

The Owner admits to providing the slave with a token that symbolizes his complete possession of the slave. This token will be suitable for use in all circumstances, and the slave is expected to use it at all times.

I once received a letter from a young man that contained a little proof. It says the following: Which of the human anatomy does a man use more when he masturbates? Answer: Your ears, while listening continuously so you can see if someone is coming to capture you on the spot.

I suppose that this has been the reason why finally I have encouraged myself to write this compendium, which does not intend to teach or instruct anything that the whole planet probably does not know, but rather seeks to bring it together and organize it in 13 easy steps (or precepts) .

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Note do not do this asana if you have a problem with your knees or any other injury

THIRD STEP. Prepare the meeting place, your sacred temple, in a convenient way for the event that is going to celebrate: ornaments, decoration with flowers or incense, colored candles, rose petals on the floor, natural fruits, music, temperature and adequate lighting or anything else that helps make it something special. Transform your bedroom into a magical place of love.

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The ideal plan would be for you to choose the place, arrive five minutes late and in addition to this, you were the first person to abandon the appointment after three-quarters or an hour of talk. For what reason an hour at most? Because it is the perfect period of time when there is no mutual annoyance. Keep in mind that the more time you spend next to a person, the faster you find defects. It is an inversely proportional equation. It is exactly the same thing that happens with travel: you go to Scotland for a week and it tastes like blessed glory because you are not there for a long time, you keep a nice memory and you would like to return there soon. If you are there for three months instead, you want to return home as soon as possible to be with family and friends as always and at all times. That happens to each and every one of us mortals.

If you are in a relaxed position, such as the scissors situation for gentle penetration, it is easy to feel sleepy or even fall asleep. This is uniquely true for men as lying on their side reminds them of sleep. While the woman lies on her back where it is less simple to sleep, if you need information here is the following web page on scorts culonas Barcelona . It's okay to allow yourself the space to rest deeply for a short time; A short sleep can be regenerating. Some couples stay connected throughout the night, and this is also fine if you can maintain the situation and sleep at the same time. It's something I've never achieved.

When the bases are missing

It is Shakti and it is Shiva. Both the feminine and masculine principles are present in each of us, albeit in different proportions. Shiva is the consciousness that permeates everything and is in everyone, however, sometimes in human beings it is asleep. Shakti means power, creation, energy, and it is necessary to be able to awaken consciousness. Shiva and Shakti are the duality of the whole, not two separate concepts.